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The Cavendish Group have partnered with The Queens Green Canopy (the QGC) to upskill jobseekers in the green sector space and help them transition into sustainable job roles.

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Cavendish Group has partnered with The University of Texas at Austin School of Design and Creative Technologies (SDCTx) to deliver online workshops designed to upskill organisations in design thinking.

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Cavendish Group is a leading corporate development and recruitment firm providing bespoke services to source first-rate candidates with the talent, skills and industry knowledge required to elevate a business. The company has years of experience in identifying and mentoring the leaders of tomorrow, upholding the belief that championing employee wellbeing is the key to success.

Cavendish works to transform companies, working for more than 25 years with world-leading organisations to build essential C-suite networks among global technology firms. The Cavendish recruitment process stems from a philosophy of finding and retaining talent and fostering an environment in which individuals can realise their potential. To achieve this, we offer bespoke leadership mentoring and corporate wellbeing programmes.

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Building on years of experience, we take a creative and collaborative approach to elevate firms, whether that’s sourcing your perfect candidate, coaching the leaders of tomorrow or supporting you in fostering employee wellbeing.

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